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Welcome to Cowboy Cupid
Mexican Bride Matchmaking Services!

The American man's best chance at finding that special Mexican girl that really wants to marry you, and be your loving bride and wife!

Are you tired of being lonely? Are you fed up with the typical self-centered - nitpicking - gold digging - and keep-up-with-the-Jones's American woman?

Are you're stable, honest, and trustworthy? Are you serious about finding those same qualities in a woman that will appreciate you, care for you, and treat you with honor and respect for the rest of your life together? YES? Then the One & Only Cowboy Cupid, Ivan Thompson, is the tried in fire matchmaker you can trust to honestly and tirelessly work with you to successfully meet and marry a Mexican woman.

Avoid the scams, registration fees, and the online meat market of pick pocketing con artists by contacting Ivan Thompson. Known on both sides of the Border as "Cowboy Cupid. The most famous, well-known, and ethical matchmaker BAR-NONE! 

Poke around our site, learn about our program, read about the "Cowboy Del Amor" Ivan Thompson and then with purchase and delivery of Ivan's book "Cowboy Cupid" you'll receive a phone number for your free interview with Ivan Thompson.
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See Ivan Thompson In His Award Winning Showtime Movie!
To rent the movie, just click on the Netflix banner below , sign up, and then search for the title "Cowboy Del Amor"


How I Became
The Cowboy Cupid

"Well I sez to myself, 'Self, finding Mexican wives for American men will make a good business because half of the men in the U.S. are divorced, and a great percentage of the other half are gonna be'..."
Ivan Thompson

Ivan Thompson
Is Saddled Up And Ready To Ride!

Coming soon to a
city near you.

Are you ready to meet The Cowboy Cupid?
Well boots, chaps and cowboy hats, it's your lucky day!

PRESS RELEASE: The star of "Cowboy Del Amor," Ivan Thompson, is now available for the talk show circuit, movie screenings and guest speaking engagements.

Not since the likes of Will Rogers has any cowpoke been able to communicate to his audience with the homespun charm and wit of Ivan Thompson. If you've seen his movie or read his book, you know this man has a unique ability to cut through the bull and blather of our modern day politics, economics, and, especially, the human relationships between men and women by blending his common horse-sense with his old school views of the American Way.

Get ready to love him, hate him, laugh with him, and laugh at him as he speaks his mind using his good ol' boy analogies and his unique cowboy vocabulary that he'll translate if he notices the audience scratching their heads trying to comprende his sometimes not-so-plain spoken musings. When he's finished, be ready to join the standing ovation!

If you're interested in booking Mr. Ivan Thompson for events or appearances please contact his handler, Addison B. Bachman, with all details at

Ivan Thompson has been featured in many newspapers - periodicals and on TV shows including:
Howard Stern - The Cristina Show - Extra - A Current Affair - Fox News - And Many Television Specials.


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