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Traveling In Mexico - I know there's lot's of scary press regarding traveling in Mexico these days. I want you to know that I've been traveling and living in Mexico on-and-off for over 40 years. I've never had one problem, in fact, this last year brought Cowboy Cupid some of the most successful trips to date. I'm confident the only thing you'll need to worry about in Mexico is deciding which woman to court.




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"A lot of men would pay more money to hunt deer, elk or bear, than they would pay to hunt for
a wife. I can't understand this, because they have to kill the
deer, elk, or bear before
they can sleep with them..."
Ivan Thompson


Howdy Partner! Ivan Thompson here, and I got a few words for you about my Matchmaking Services and just how I work. I hope you've poked around the Internet and have looked at all the so called "Mail Order Bride Agencies", because as you read through my site, you'll quickly notice that I'm a horse of a different color.

For over 20 years I have performed and promoted my matchmaking business by word-of-mouth, billboards, a telephone, and a lot of good ol' fashion boots-to-the-ground hard work. While the hard work is still my style, I'm now turning to the Internet to help me promote, organize, and  communicate to all  the men in the U.S., and to all of the women in Mexico.

If your hard pressed to find yourself a Mexican bride I'm ready to take you down to Mexico and find you one the same way I've done it for over 2 decades. Of course these days I try to limit my travels to just one customer a month.

You'll notice I don't I don't even charge a registration fee! Nope, not my style.  I don't go for your wallet with ridiculous "Send a dozen roses" and other money making schemes all the high-tech online matchmaking systems ands agencies use. I don't try to tickle your hopes with promises of Super models or 18 year old girls for every man. Let me tell you right off, only a few women really looking to wed an American man will dare to register with any online agency. Most are too afraid their families will find out, many don't have the Internet savvy to complete the registration form, and many don't have access to the Internet. But they all know to look  for the advertisements I run on their local radio stations and in their newspapers when I'm come to town with a prospective American husband to meet them, and perhaps even marry them.

I don't mean to blow my own horn, but there ain't  nobody, or any other matchmaking service better known and trusted by Mexican women then ol' Ivan Thompson. I've been in this business for over 20 years, and I know the Mexican country (I live there.), the language (I speak it), the culture (I love it), and what the Mexican woman is looking for. Because of my experience, my appearances on the Cristina Show, and my Showtime movie "Cowboy Del Amor", I'm recognized in the streets wherever I go. The women and their families know I'm honest, and that I will look out for their best interest as much as I do for the men I bring to meet them. Matter of fact, you ain't going there with me without first passing my sniff test. Don't matter how much money you got either. I wont sell my reputation for a buck or a wild bronco.

OK, let me explain just how my program works and how I can become your hired hand and your personal Cowboy Cupid aka Cowboy Del Amor.

Step One:  Buy The Sniff Test

I'm a working man that talks plainly, and does what he says he'll do. It's my policy to personally conduct a phone interview with every man interested in my services. I do this to save my time and your money.

I'll spend as much time necessary to explain my program and the costs associated. I'll answer all your questions, and I'll do my best to pre-qualify you as a viable candidate to find a Mexican bride for or not. I may decide  I can't help you, or I might not meet your expectations, but I won't leave you empty handed either. The price of our first interview is the purchase of  a signed copy of my book "Cowboy Cupid", which includes a
chapter explaining with step-by-step instructions how YOU can find a bride south of the border without me!

To purchase your book and optional interview for $21.95 plus S&H:

Click here for a secure purchase through my listing.

(Price includes Priority Mail Shipping)

Once I have received your payment,  I will ship your book and include all my contact information, which you may use at your option to contact me for an interview.


Step Two:  Phone Interview

If after we've spoken, and you passed my sniff test (and I've passed yours), I'm ready to go to work for you immediately upon receiving  our agreed deposit monies and a few pictures of you. I'll start contacting the women I have on file to see if they're still in the market for an American husband, and/or I'll arrange to take you into Mexico to find you many possible candidates during our travels.

Step Three:  We Go Find Your Mexican Wife!

At this point it's time to schedule our trip to Mexico. You'll need to arrange for your travel,  enough clothes for a 5-7 day stay.

During our first day of travel I will tutor you on exactly what to expect, how to act, and what to say or not say to your perspective candidates. The NUMBER ONE RULE is to take my advice!

Upon our arrival in various towns and cities, I will begin placing ads in the local newspapers and radio stations. This will ensure you many candidates to interview during your stay.

My services include:

  • All our travel expenses in Mexico

  • All our hotel fees for 5-7 days

  • Any travel fees for women who will travel to meet you.

  • 1 night hotel stay for each of the women that travel to meet you.

  • All our meals (Alcohol not included)

  • Newspaper and radio ads as needed

  • Miscellaneous expenses

Once we've found you a match, you should be prepared to pay for any dates and time spent getting to know your future wife. At that time we'll have a good sit down talk about what you have in mind. I can stay, or leave if everything looks solid and you would prefer to be alone.  I'll arrange your travel back to where we started.

The rest is up to you Partner!















No Bull Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Guarantees That I Will Find A Mexican Woman Willing To Marry Me?

Ivan's Answer: Of course not. But I can guarantee my services will offer you numerous opportunities, and you will have 100% of my attention, know-how, and experience focused on your goal to find a lifelong mate and partner.

Does It Matter To Mexican Women How
Good Looking I Am?

Ivan's Answer: The mail order bride agencies will have you believe you can get anyone you want, but this is not true. Without a doubt you can do better, but your looks, age, and qualities determine how much better. Physical appearance is certainly a factor, but I have never met an American man, (who I found a Mexican bride for.) who believed he could ever get such a caliber of woman at home.

Does It Matter How Old I Am To a Mexican  Woman?
Ivan's Answer: Your age and looks will be the first two things they evaluate. Duh! The younger you look, the better looking you are, and the more qualities you have means the younger Mexican bride you can attract. You can generally knock 15-30 years off the minimum age you could attract at home. In other words: If you are 50 and able to date local women as young as 35 years old then, you should have no problem finding an even younger and better looking Mexican bride. If you're 65 and looking for an 18 year old, I suggest calling 1-800-MIRACLES!

Does My Income Matter To Mexican Women?

Ivan's Answer: If you are an average American you're already considered "rich." Most Mexican women live in conditions that you would find way below substandard. The monthly minimum wage in Mexico is less than what average Americans make in a day. It's also important to keep in mind: Mexican women have a good work ethic and learn responsibilities early in life. You should anticipate one to two years of full financial support as your new Mexican bride adjusts to life in the U.S. You should have a clear understanding of what both your economic roles will be. Most Mexican women will prefer to be primarily housewives and mothers while others will want to work.

What Is The Mexican Woman's Motivation For
Marrying An American Man?
Ivan's Answer: Mexico is no paradise for Mexican women. Unemployment is often over 20%. The educated are usually underemployed. The poverty level is over 50%. Crime is high, and the Mexican man is typically overbearing and unfaithful. It is these conditions that present opportunities unavailable to you in the U.S. For these reasons, Mexican women are eager and receptive to finding an American man and romance leading to marriage. Simply put: They want a better life and a brighter future. BUT, not without the romance and passion from a good, loving, respectful husband.

Do You Screen The Women?
Ivan's Answer: I conduct a personal interview with every woman, I try my best to weed out the bad seeds. Over the years I've gotten pretty good at spotting the trouble makers. If you find a potential wife in Mexico you will be required by our new Homeland Security laws to have a background and security check done on her before bringing your bride home to America.

Do The Mexican Women Speak English?

Ivan's Answer:
Each profile indicates if they do, but most do not. During the meeting process, I or a hired translator will be involved to bridge the communication hurdle. But remember this: Love is a universal language. If you make a match, learning to communicate with each other will be one of the strongest ties that bind your relationship.

Can Mexican Women Visit The U.S.?

Ivan's Answer: Yes, and some of the women will already have a visitor visa or passport. (This is indicated in each profile.) Others will need your assistance. Another option is a Fiancé Visa. It generally takes 90-120 days to get. With it you may bring your bride to the U.S. and have 90 days to marry her. If you don't marry, she will have to return to Mexico.

What About Immigration?
Ivan's Answer: Not a Problem, but can be time consuming. American men have brought in foreign brides or fiancées into our country since its inception. Since we have a long history of doing so, the process is very straightforward and inexpensive. You can have a lawyer handle the visa process, (This of course could be pricey) or you can do it yourself. The Immigration and Naturalizations Service website provides instructions and forms. If you do it yourself, I recommend you research the whole process before beginning, because any incorrect preparations will cause delays. A good research site to start with is VisaJourney.

Beyond Your Fee, What Kind Of Expenses Can I Expect After
I Find A Match?
Ivan's Answer: Including my fee, your total expenses will be lower then just dating an American woman! Of course the exact answer depends largely on you. For most the cost will include long distance phone calls, translation services, immigration processing, one or two roundtrip plane trips for you (one of which could be a honeymoon), and a one-way trip for her to come to America. Heck, the savings alone from buying the engagement ring in Mexico makes the whole process a bargain.

Beware Of Mail Order Bride Agency Scams.
Ivan's Answer: In the words of the great W.C. Fields: "There's A Sucker Born Every Minute". The best con artist knows that taking advantage of human emotions is the quickest way to his con his mark. Don't let your loneliness turn you into a sucker! Below is a good site listing the many deceptive practices and frauds in the mail order bride and foreign bride marriage agencies.  Mail Order Brides Scams.

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